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Student Clubs

There are dozens of student run organizations on campus dedicated to having fun, making friends, and connecting to your education. It doesn't matter if you're just looking for a hobby in between classes, or something that you can put on your resume: there is something for everyone at Bristol.

How can you connect? Well...hopefully, through one or more of these Student Clubs and organizations.

A’ La Mode
Open students’ eyes to the fashion world, express Individuality. Also raise money for charities, and help the less fortunate.
Advisor: Gayle Salve, ext. 2777

Anime Club (Attleboro Campus)
This club is dedicated to increasing awareness of Japanese animation and to provide a forum for discussion and interaction.
Advisor: Kathy Torpey Garganta, ext. 2334

Bristol CC Gaming Association
To bring together a diverse population of people, to create a more diverse assortment of games, gaming and players at Bristol Community College.
Advisor: Antonio Oliveira, ext. 2509

Bristol Radio Club
To involve students and community via radio.
Advisor: Keith Thibault, ext. 2354

Clinical Lab Science
The club seeks to enhance the College experience by encouraging future Clinical Laboratory Technicians to participate in both social and professional activities. The club members will be encouraged to raise funds to help members participate.
Advisor: Paulette Howarth, ext. 2390

Club Theater
BCC Club Theatre invites students from all majors to share and explore their interest in theatre in its many forms. This club is open to everyone with or without theatre experience. Dedicated to bringing in speakers, performers, and plays, scheduling field trips to shows and theatre events, and promoting campus awareness of our resident theatre company, BCC Theatre Rep, this club is made up of people who wish to join hands in partaking in this lively art. 
Advisor: Rylan Brenner, ext. 2440

Comp HC/Massage Club
The Complementary Health Care and Therapeutic Massage Club promotes student success through its members and promotes the ethics and professionalism inherent in the code of ethics.
Advisor: Sharon Tilton, ext. 2262

Criminal Justice Society
The Criminal Justice Society prepares its members for future criminal justice careers and actively participates in and initiates social and community activities. Members often work with local, state and federal criminal justice agencies.
Advisor: Ralph Ezovski, ext. 2428

Deaf Studies
The ASL club focuses on the appreciation, promotion and comprehension of American Sign Language, its culture and history among the members, the college and the community.
Advisor: Sandy Lygren, ext. 2748

Dental Hygiene Club
The Dental Hygiene Club prepares its members for their future role in the profession of dental hygiene through active membership in the student American Dental Hygienists’ Association, and raises funds to help club members participate in dental conferences. The Dental Hygiene Club is affiliated with the Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Alpha.
Advisor: Trisha Cloutier, ext. 2328

Engineering Club
The BCC Engineering Club is a group of engineering students at Bristol Community College who came together to change the current perception of engineering. Our main objective is to support all engineering activities on campus.
Advisor: Meghan Abella-Bowen, ext. 2576

Gay/Straight Alliance
The GSA provides a safe, open and sharing environment for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight communities. It strives to welcome individuals of all groups and to celebrate the diversity of the BCC community.
Advisors: Steven Camara, ext. 2391; Sally Cameron, ext. 2174

Music Club
To bring together like minds, in order to create music as well as to bring music to the students of Bristol Community College.
Advisor: Gregory Conroy, ext. 2254

Medical Assisting Club
The Medical Assisting Club provides activities that assist members in enhancing their administrative and clinical office skills. Functions include fundraisers and presentations by guest speakers. Membership is open to students in the Medical Assisting Certificate program as well as those wishing to enter the profession.
Advisor: Lisa Wright, ext. 2629

The student chapter of N.A.L.S…the association for legal professionals allows students to associate with a national professional association that is dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of persons engaged as legal professional. Club membership is open to all interested students.
Advisor: Diana Yohe, ext. 2404

The Nursing Club fosters rapport among students, promotes a strong sense of campus unity, and acts as an aid to aspiring nursing students.
Advisor: June Sanders, ext. 2969

The Observer is the college’s student-run newspaper. Students on the Observer staff learn writing, reporting, editing, photojournalism, design, layout techniques and desktop publishing, and can also gain business experience through management and advertising sales. 
Advisor: Jack Conway, ext. 2989

Occupational Therapy
The purpose of the Occupational Therapy Assistants Club is to inform members of trends and issues related to students and practitioners in the field. The club hosts the "COTA Forum" professional meeting and encourages attendance at other social and professional activities.
Advisor: Cynthia Brenner, ext. 2331

Office Administration
The organization provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well to enjoy the company of fellow students. Club membership is open to all interested students.
Advisor: Diana Yohe, ext. 2404

Portuguese Club
The Portuguese Club sponsors cultural activities to promote interest in the Portuguese language and culture. The club is open to all students and works closely with Luso Centro.
Advisors: Jose Costa, ext. 2362; Carlos Almeida, ext. 2091

The BCC Rotaract club is a community-based club for young men and women ages 18 to 30 and is sponsored by the Fall River Rotary Club. Our credo is “Service Above Self.” Through the Rotaract program, young adults address the physical and social needs of their communities while promoting international understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service. 
Advisors: Meghan Abella-Bowen, ext. 2576.

Skills USA
Professional workforce development
Advisor: Gloria Cabral ext. 2940

Society of Hospitality and Tourism
To obtain experience and fun in traveling. 
Advisor: Robert D. Billington, ext.3190

Tutor Club
All Students interested in the field of education can benefit from participation in club activities. Informal social gatherings, field trips, and conference attendance help students develop their skills and explore careers in education.
Advisor: Ron Weisberger, ext. 2444; Sally Gabb, ext. 3106

TV Club
The TV Club provides a creative outlet to students through TV and helps students improve their communication skills.
Advisor: Keith Thibault, ext. 2354

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Club provides the opportunity to expand the BCC art experience beyond the classroom. Sponsored activities include field trips to Boston and other locations, screenings of art films and film about art.
Advisor: Erik Durant, ext. 2893

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Student Engagement
Fall River Campus
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 2222
Location: G102

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Bishop Feehan High School College Mini Fair (9/17/2014)


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Information Session at St. Luke’s Hospital (9/17/2014)


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The Women’s Journal’s Business Networking Luncheon (9/17/2014)


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