Separate speaker notes to accompany introduction to Excel:


Slide #1:

This presentation will cover a basic spreadsheet done in Excel.

Slide #2:

This shows the student roster that I started.  Note that I changed the size of the A column and the font in row B.

The size of the A column was changed by simply dragging the line between the two cells until it got big enough.  The way I changed the font was to highlight the words Student Roster and then click on the font size.  See next slide.

Slide #3:

This shows Student Roster highlighted and the font size changed.  Note that this changes the whole row because the row can't be different fonts.

Slide #4:

I have now typed in the formula to calculate the grade.  Note that I want to add the grade in B6 with the grade in C6 and D6 and E6 and F6.  Then I want to divide the sum by 5.  Remember that divides are done before addition in math hierarchy, so I have to put the adds in parenthesis to force them to be done first.

Slide #5:

The grade is calculated and appears in G6.  Note that the formula appears above.

Slide #6:

Now I want to copy the formula down to the other rows.  I highlight the cell, G6 and then edit/copy.

Slide #7:

Now I am highlighting the rest of the cells in row G so that the rows for all of the students are highlighted.

Slide #8:

Now I paste and the average for the other students is calculated.

Slide #9:

Notice that the numbers get adjusted to match the appropriate row.  We now have B7, C7, D7, E7 and F7.

Slide #10:

Now I am showing the formula in row 8 that contains B8, C8, D8, E8 and F8.

Slide #11:

I now want an average of each of the columns to find out what the average grade is for each of the assignments.  Note the formula which uses average.

Slide #12:

I now will copy the average to all of the columns in the same way that I copied the rows.

Slide #13:

Note that the average is now for C6:C11 where the : indicates through.  The next column will use D6:D11 etc.

Slide #14:

This shows all of the formulas that I used in this spreadsheet.  See the next slide to see how this was done.

Slide #15:

I clicked on tools/options and then selected formulas to see the formulas in the cells.

Slide #16:

I decided that I would rather see the average for each assignment.  I changed the formula to round the average.

Slide #17:

Now I am rounding the average column as well. Once I have done it with one, I copy to the other cells using copy and then paste.