Creating a Web Page using Pages

First I am going to use the Wizard to create the base page.

When Create data access page by using wizard is selected, the following screen appears.

You can then select the fields you want to use. I selected them all. The next screen that comes up lets you decide to group. I decided to group by PayCode which is either a S or a H.

The next screen allows you to sort. I sorted by LastName within the PayCode group.

The next page allows you to pick a title and to modify the design. I decided to apply a theme to my work so I selected modify the design and then I checked do you want to apply a theme to your page. The page below is the result of saying you want to apply a theme. I used the defaults that came up.

Note that the page above shows a record. The minus sign can be clicked on to make the detail information disappear (in fact that is what you first see). The top control bar allows you to move through the records and the bottom control bar controls the group so you move between the PayCode groups - between H and S.

The screen below shows the design view of the form.