More on working with Forms:

A few interesting pieces of information about size. The Detail section starts at 5inches by 2 inches and the grid is set at 24 dots per inch. You can alter Grid X and Grid Y to vary these settings.

The toolbox comes with all of the standard controls you will use for the form - the More Controls icon expands this selection - we will not be dealing with these in this course. Note the Control Wizard at the top of the tool box - this can be used to activate the wizard when you are creating a new option group, combo box, list box or command button.

The Option Group tool is used to create a grouping of things like radio buttons. If you group radio buttons you are essentially saying that only one can be selected. I decided to modify the course form and set up the number of credits as a Option Group with radio button (Access calls it an option button). First, I selected Option Group from the tool box and drew a rectangle. The wizard came up to help. I keyed in the numbers One, Two, Three and Four for the number of credits. Access also limits check boxes in the same way.

Next, I was asked to either choose a default value or select no default value. I choose Three as the default value. Next I was asked about assigning values to these labels - Access suggested 1, 2, 3 and 4 and I accepted these.

Label Names:










Access than asked me if I wanted to save the value for later use or store it in a field. I stored in the credits field.

Next I was asked to pick a type and style. I stayed with the default. Finally I was asked to enter a title for the option group - I entered Credits.

The course with the credits in an Option group using Option buttons or radio buttons is shown above. The design of that form is shown below.

Now I am going to try and handle credits using a combo box. When I bring down the combo box, the Wizard comes up to help. The first question that is asked where the data is going to come from.

I decided to type in the values that I want.






Again I opted for storing the value in the field rather than for remembering for later use and I selected credits as the field to hold the value. I then labeled the field Credits and went back to my table to move the field around to get it in the proper position. The results are shown below.

Finally I decided to try the list instead of the combo box. The procedures were essentially the same. The results are shown on the next page.

The example below on the last page redoes the radio/option buttons with check boxes.