Creating the Menu:

I created the template last week that had the image and the header information on it. I made a copy of that template which I named Menu. Now I am going to finish that menu so it will bring up the forms that I have created.

I want the wizard involved so I first click on the Wizard in the toolbox and then select the Option Group button and place it in the form. When the Wizard comes up I enter the labels that I want for the options within the group. I have decided to bring up some of the forms that I created in the menu.

On the next slide, I am asked to whether I want to have a default form. The first form name that I entered is pre-selected, however I can click on the list and select another. I decided to have no default form. The next screen assigns values of 1, 2, 3 and 4 to the four forms that I put in the list. I accept these values.

Label Names:


Form with subform


Form with buttons


Form with combo box


Form with list box


The next set of choices is whether I want the radio/option button, check box, toggle switches and the look I want for them. I go with the default of radio/option button and etched. The next screen asks me to pick a name for the group. I entered Choices.

After the design came up, I moved the contents of the Group around a little to make what I considered better spacing - marginally better results! The form now looks like this. You can either use the full hand to move or you can use Ctrl combined with an arrow key. Now I need to give a name to the group frame. I bring up the properties and change the Name property.

Now I need to put in the macros to make these radio/option buttons bring up the correct form when they are selected. The actions that a macro can perform include opening a form, closing a form, finding a record etc.

To get to the Macros, I selected Macros on the left bar in the opening Database Window and then selected new (similar to the way you choose to create a new form). I now see the macro window with two columns. One labeled Action and the other labeled Comment. I need to also have the Macro Name and the Condition columns so I need to click on the appropriate buttons that are now available to me on the tool bar. The picture below shows the selection of the Macro Name button - it is the one with XYZ across the top. The one next to it that kind of looks like a flowchart is the Conditions button. I click on them both. Note that they go in as the first two columns.

The macro name column lets me name each individual macro and the conditions column lets me enter the conditional expressions that will carry out the appropriate action when the macro is run. An event is an action that can cause something to happen. For example, a click event causes something to occur when an object is clicked. In this case we are going to have macros that cause something to happen when they are selected.

Now lets look at what I did above. First I make up a name for the macro. Under condition, I use the name that I assigned to the group which was grpFormChoice and look at the possibilities that it is a 1, 2, 3, or 4 the values associated with the four entries in the menu. The Action that I want to take is to open a form so I select OpenForm under action. I then go down to form name and select the actual name of the form that I want to open from the list available under FormName (click on the space next to FormName and you get an arrow that shows all of the available forms).

The next step is to enter choose SetValue under Action and enter the name of the Group Option name that you established (grpFormChoice) in the Item box that appears after SetValue is selected.

I am not done yet.

I need to put Null into the Expression box above so that no choices will be visible when the menu is displayed.

Then I need to go to the properties of the group option and designate the event After Update as the event that I want to execute when the buttons are clicked.

I then went into the All tab and typed a name in the Caption Text box. Your book suggests resizing all the forms to be the same size for a professional look. I decided not to do this.