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Slide 1:

This slide show deals with properties and settings used in Visual Basic.

Slide 2:

This slide shows the design of the form named frmSettings. Later slides will deal with the individual boxes and other entries.

Slide 3:

This text box has a background color(BackColor) that was selected from the palette.

Slide 4:

The text that appears in txtBox2 has been entered under the property text.

Slide 5:

The box shown here is a picture box. It can be used to hold images or to hold other information. In this example, it will display text.

Slide 6:

This form includes a series of six buttons. The first button is labeled Blue by making the entry Blue under Caption.

Slide 7:

This shows the code that is attached to the buttons. To get here, I double clicked on the Blue button while it was in design mode. Note that the properties are for the cmdBlue button.

Slide 8:

This shows the Visual Basic associated with each of the command buttons.

Slide 9:

This slide show the run or execution of the form. It starts with green because that was the initial property setting for BackGround.

Slide 10:

This slide shows the blue background in Box1 that happened as a result of executing the code that changed the background to Blue.

Slide 11:

When the Red command button is clicked, the code that changes the BackColor to Red is executed.

Slide 12:

When the user clicks on Font14, the font size on the text in Box2 is changed. See the Visual Basic instructions that are executed.

Slide 13:

Font10 means that the Visual Basic code associated with this button is executed and the font size gets set to 10.

Slide 14:

There are four lines. The first line calculates and prints 11 as does the second. The third line prints a blank line and the fourth line calculates and prints 14.

You need to be sure to review the hierarchy explained on the next slide.

The last button which is the Exit button will exit the program and form and return to design.

Slide 15:

Please review the order of operation in a programming text.