VB With Access97

Speaker Notes

Slide 1:

This shows some of the basis of connecting the database.

Slide 2:

This is the database that I am using. You can see it was created in Access97. I am not going to use properties to make the connection to the database, I am going to do it with code.

Slide 3:

This is simply naming things and establishing the connection using code. Note that I used names like Table1 and Text1 in this example instead of naming the fields. Guess I was really back to basics!

Slide 4:

This slide shows the description of the table1 that is being used and the index for table1.

Slide 5:

Note that the first text box is Text1 (contains the account number), the name is in Text2, the password is in Text3, the balance is in Text4 etc.

Slide 6:

.Seek locates the record in an indexed Recordset table object and makes that record current.

The syntax is Recordset.Seek followed by the type of comparison which in this case is the equal sign followed by the key field that is being searched for.