Creating a New Form without Wizards etc.

When you create a new form, you want to use the design view and select a table or query to use in creating the form. When the form comes up, you need the tool box and the field list.

First I put up a header on my form. Then I selected the first field I wanted from the field list and included it on the form. This can be a time when the label that comes with the field can be convenient. Once you have it in place, you can go into the properties of the label side and change the caption.

When I bring in name, I need to bring it in as an text box (unbound) so I can concatenate the last and first name in the same manner that I did it on the report. Note that when the text box comes in, it has a title field. You need to click on the title and then get the image with one finger so that you can separate them from each other and place them individually.

I then brought over dept and salary from the field list. Then I needed to do a calculation to get the calculated pay for hourly workers. I did the same thing that I did on the report, putting in pay per hours times hours worked times 52. I also needed to format this field for currency in the properties format. I then brought up the bottom of the form to control its size. The form looked like this:

The form on the screen looked like this:

Now we are going to look at some interesting things that you can do with forms. First lets look at combo boxes. I went into the pay table and changed the dept number to a combo box with a source of the dept table. (Shown after the form). Then I went into the wizard and create a form that presented the dept in a combo box for the user to select when creating a new record (output and design of field shown below).

The picture above shows my design of a form where I simply brought over empdept. Because of the data setup it was automatically identified as a combo box with row source of dept.

If you do not identify the data as being from a combo box and instead bring over a combo box onto the form from the toolbox, a screen will appear asking you information.

If you select the default, it will next ask you what table you want to use. Then it will give you a list of fields on the selected table and ask which field you want to use. It will then create the field with the combo box. If you say you want to type in the values, it will bring up a table looking format for you to enter in the values. It will then ask you if you want to store it in the database (you will be prompted for which field) or remember for use.

List boxes are very much the same as combo boxes. With a list box you do not take up as much space because you scroll through as opposed to a drop down box and you can't add things not on the list - combo boxes allow that. Essentially I am giving you some leads here but you need to go to another source to fill in the details.

Check boxes and option buttons, toggle buttons/radio buttons can also be added. If you have multiple option buttons or toggle buttons (check the difference on these) you can put them in a control group to make sure they are mutually exclusive.