Notes on Access:

Auto Form:

We have looked at the Form Wizard which requires a little work on the developer's part. Auto Form is even more magic. It creates a form from the database or query automatically in datasheet, tabular of columnar format. Click and it is done!!!

Sorting Records:

When you are in the datasheet view, you can sort records. Click somewhere in the column you which to sort on and then click on the ascending or descending sort icons in the bar or go in under records and select sort and the type of sort. To return to the original order, go into records and select remove filter/sort.

To sort on multiple fields, you need to have the fields next to each other. To do this, click on the field that needs to be moved and drag it over to the place where you want it. The major sort field should be on the left and the secondary sort field should be next to it and to the right. Select the columns and then click on the ascending or descending as you did above.

Filtering Records:

There are a variety of ways you can filter records to get only those you want to see: filter by selection, filter excluding selection, filter by form, advanced filter/sort.

Filter by Selection:

To filter by select, go to the datasheet and click on the field that contains the criteria you want to filter by - by clicking on a particular field you are letting Access know the field and the data you want to be in that field. Then click on the icon that says filter by selection or you can go to records and use filter by selection. Note that you can refine this by doing a second filter before removing the filter.

Filter excluding Selection:

Locate the value in the field you want to exclude and right click and select filter excluding selection. You will now see the data with your selection excluded.

Filter by Form:

Go into a form and fill in the form with the data that you want to use in the selection. Note that if you put in 2 field they are in an AND relationship. If you want an OR relationship, you should click on the OR at the bottom of the form before making the second selection.

Advanced filter/sort:

The advanced filter uses the query form. You can fill in the more complex logic and sort as well.

Searching for Records:

To use the search you should click in a particular column on the datasheet to tell Access that you are searching for data in that column. You then go to find and enter in the data you are looking for. You can then do the find first/find next to find the records that meet the criteria. Notice that there are refinements you can make.