Using Links - HREF examples

Speaker Notes

Slide 1:

This slide show will deal with setting up links on your web page.

Slide 2:

I probably keep too much in my root directory - the result of planning for a small page and ending up with one that is out of control!

Slide 3:

This shows part of my root directory.

Note the / in the address box at the top - this denotes the root directory.

On the next slide, I will look at the contents of Cis44.

Slide 4:

You can refer to something in a directory under the directory where you are located by directory name and then the page within the directory.

Slide 5:

This shows the setup of a directory within a directory as part of your HREF.

Slide 6:

I could use a complete address, but it is not necessary the link is from page web7.html.

Slide 7:

If I am in one part of my site and I want to reference something in a totally different part I use the entire address starting with: and then include directories and the name of the page.

Slide 8:

This code appears in PFGCIS44.html.