Site Structure

Separate Speaker Notes

Slide 1:

These slides will show the structure I use for my site and hpefully give you some useful guidelines/suggestions for yours.

Slide 2:

Note this shows my site at

It does not fit on one screen shot, therefore the two panels.

Slide 3:

index.html, CISHdrL.html, CISHdrR.html, CISa.gif are all in the root directory of

Slide 4:

From the root directory, I selected Cis44. These are the files and directoriesin Cis44.

From Cis44, I selected HTML. These are the files and directories in Cis44/HTML.

From HTML, I selected css. These are the files in Cis44/HTML/css.

Slide 5:

If things are not located in the same directory. I give the address starting at the directory stored in the root. This always works!