Change Image

Speaker Notes

Slide 1:

This presentation shows automatically changing images.

Slide 2:

The META tag calls for the page to be refreshed. The timing is 8 and the next page to load is bccpage2.html.

Slide 3:

The three images from the code on the previous slide.

Slide 4:

Here the blank cell is in the right cell of the second row.

Slide 5:

This is the results of bccpage2.html.

Note that the right side of the second row is blank.

Slide 6:

This is bccpage6.html which is the last page in the changing images of BCC sequence. Control therefore returns to where ever the developer wants it to go next.

Slide 7:

This is patternpages.html It is the first page for another changing image sequence.

Slide 8:

On this one I used pictures of different sizes - I could have changes the sizes with height and width in the code, but I chose to change the side through editing the pictures themselves.

Results are on the next slide.

Slide 9:

In creating the images in this show, I just kind of played with the table layout - no particular plan in mind - when I thought something look good to my non-artistic eye, I saved it.

Notice I used different size images, ROWSPAN and COLSPAN and in general just played.