Separate speaker notes to accompany the presentation on using Access to generate a report:


Slide #1:

This presentation covers developing a report in Access. For this we will use the wizard.

Slide #2:

I am using my sample database called stu2000 which has a table called tablestu.

Slide #3:

First I clicked on report and then I selected create report by using Wizard.  The report Wizard comes up.

Slide #4:

First I selected Table:tablestu to use in my report.  Note that I could have also selected any of the queries that I have created as the basis for the report.

Slide #5:

Note that the button with >> will move all fields over to Selected Fields and the button with << will move all fields in Selected Fields back to Available Fields.

Slide #6:

Here I could have chosen to use grouping which means that I could have said group by major - show all students with one major grouped together.  I did not add any grouping.

Slide #7:

The wizard gives me the option of sorting, I decided not to do sorting in this example.

Slide #8:

Now the wizard is going to let me make choices about how my report will look.  The default is to adjust the field width so all fields fit on a page.  I left that checked.  The other default is Portrait instead of Landscape.  Again I took the default.  The layout gives me three options and shows the look of the option.  The default is Tabular and that is what I choose.

Slide #9:

Now I get to make more decisions about the layout of the report.  I stayed with the default option of Corporate.  If you click through these options you can see the other looks that are available.

Slide #10:

Now I enter in a title.  I entered Student Report.  The default was the name of the table.

Slide #11:

This is the report that I produced. 

Slide #12:

This is the design view of the report.  As I did with queries I clicked on the design button near the top left corner.  I circled it in the previous slide.

You can now go in and adjust the report that the wizard created.

If you did not use the wizard, you would have to lay this out from scratch.  I like to use the wizard and then make changes when I am doing a simple report.

Slide #13:

I dragged both the page header and the detail for gpa and credits to the left to leave less of a gap in the report.

This to some degree illustrates the reports discussed in chapter #3. 

Slide #14:

This shows the report after I dragged gpa and credits to the left.  Clearly I could have dragged a little more.