Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program

The Commonwealth Dual Enrollment program allows you to earn free college credits.

Courses must either be within a discipline that qualifies under the MassTransfer Block or in computer science, technology or engineering. Eligible courses must also count for three or more credits. Courses that are approved* for the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment program include, but are not limited to:



Behavioral/Social Sciences


ENG 101/102

MTH 119

PSY 101

CHM 111/113

SPA 101/102

MTH 126

SOC 101

BIO 111/121

COM 101

MTH 172

HST 111/112

CAD 101/111

ART 111

MTH 214

HST 113/114

AST 111/112

*Please contact your Guidance Counselor to find out if the course you want to take is eligible.

 Please note that the following courses are not eligible for BCC’s Dual Enrollment Program:

  • Developmental courses (including ESL courses)
  • All Non-credit courses
  • Physical education/fitness/recreation courses
  • Courses less than three credit hours
  • First-year orientation or similar courses

Lear more about the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program.

Commonwealth Dual Enrollment - More Information

Students who meet eligibility guidelines are not guaranteed participation. Participation is at the discretion of Bristol Community College, the partnering high school, and also subject to capacity constraints.

Students who are interested in taking ineligible Dual Enrollment courses and/or who do not meet the required Grade Point Average (GPA) are responsible for the tuition and fees charged for the courses.

Click here for Special Circumstances & Academic Waivers.

High School students who do not have the required GPA to participate in the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program but who have demonstrated exceptional ability in a certain subject or who have greatly improved their academic performance may be eligible to participate but must apply for a waiver.

To request a waiver, a student must submit a letter written by the student that demonstrates his or her potential for academic success and a recommendation from a high school official. Supporting materials may also be submitted and can include evidence of steadily improving high school grades, high class rank, special talent, strong grades in a field of study, strong recommendations, College Placement Testing results, etc. Approval by the BCC Office of Academic Affairs is required.

Talk to your guidance counselor for more information.