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Exhibitions: Upcoming

2015-2016 Exhibition Schedule

50 Years
Leading Teaching Learning

Works by Marion Wilner, Ron Lister, Marisa Millard, and Erik Durant

October 29–December 10, 2015

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 29, 6–8 pm

Deborah Coolidge
Emma Hogarth
Masha Ryskin

January 21–February 18, 2016

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 21, 6–8 pm

The Beast and Me

Works by Mary Kenny, Leslie Schomp, and Andrea Scofield Olmstead

March 3–April 1, 2016

Opening Reception
Thursday, March 3, 6–8 pm

Annual Juried Student Art and Design Exhibition

Selected Works From All Fine Art and Graphic Design Studio Courses

April 21–May 5, 2016

Opening Reception
Thursday, April 21, 6–8 pm

Under the Influence:

Paintings Of New England Mill Neighborhoods And Their Rural Surroundings

Works by Stephen Remick and Randy Swann

May 28–June 26, 2016

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 28, 6–8 pm