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Current Exhibition

Deborah Coolidge
Emma Hogarth
Masha Ryskin

January 21 – February 18, 2016

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Our perceptions of memory, both individual and collective, and how they are shaped, are astonishingly vast. We gather memory simply from experiencing life. Our engagement with the present moment is a result of both our past experiences along with our anticipation of the future.

The flexible nature of our human ability to think about, to respond to what is not present, is central to the concept of memory and our sense of self, as is our capacity to think about the past even as we are experiencing the present.

What does it mean to record or reference something? Is it the same as memory? Is memory objective or subjective or both? Conscious memory, personal memory, non-conscious memory are all complex notions that try to get at the various concepts that describe the way the mind (and brain) function.

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