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Service and Support

Service and support is provided for all equipment purchased through Information Technology Services. We will install your hardware and software, facilitate repair and replacement for warranted equipment and assist in the purchase of new equipment.


Information Technology Services is here to assist you in buying new equipment if your departmental budget allows. We provide assistance in purchasing computers, printers, scanners, projectors and other office equipment.

To purchase equipment you should contact ITS for an equipment quote from a qualified state vendor.

For more information, please contact ITS by calling x3333.

Campus-Wide Equipment Upgrades

During certain parts of the year the campus-wide budget allows for additional equipment purchases and at those times, ITS will contact you to inform you of equipment replacement. Many computers are replaced on a multi-year plan.

When you receive a new computer or other equipment through this program, your old equipment is returned to ITS to be used in replacing other equipment throughout the campus.


Equipment and software purchased through ITS is brought to your office, installed for you and the old equipment is removed to be available for other faculty and staff if necessary. For this reason, it is suggested that all faculty and staff use the network storage to aid in speeding equipment transitions.

Software installations can only be performed by ITS staff members with an appropriate license key for the software. For auditing purposed, only licensed software installations can be performed and some software may be removed to facilitate the new software installation.


Problems? ITS will help you with finding the problem and fixing it.

All hardware and software purchased through ITS via state qualified vendors is supported. We will assist you through our Help Desk in most cases.

Individual purchases that are made directly to a vendor without ITS may require that you call the vendor for additional assistance.

Repair and Replacement

When you purchase your equipment through ITS we provide repair services for it. We can provide a technician to diagnose and repair your equipment for you in your office, if possible. Longer-term repairs can be done on-site in our repair facility.

If the repair is a vendor-based service and your equipment is under warrantee, we can have service providers come and fix or replace your equipment for you.

Should a piece of equipment be in need of replacement and be beyond the warrantee or service contract period, the department to whom the equipment belongs will be responsible for the purchase of replacement equipment through ITS.

Contact Details

Information Technology Services
Fall River Campus
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 3333
Location: A209

Event Calendar

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Campus Tour and Information Session - FR (1/23/2018)


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RETEST ONLY TEST SESSION-Wednesday, January 24, 2018-11:45am-FALL RIVER-G218-16240 (1/24/2018)


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Somerset Berkley Regional High School On-Site (1/25/2018)


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Health Science Information Session - NB (1/25/2018)


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