Policy and Procedure

General Policies & Required Forms

A Requisition for Expenditures' is required for all orders.

  • Any requisition totaling $2,000 to $4,999.99, which is not covered under a Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium Contracts (MHEC), State or College contract or written bid must have a "Vendor Summary Sheet" attached to the requisition for expenditure. "Vendor Summary Sheets" require telephone or written quotes from at least three vendors and documentation related to this must be retained in your files for a minimum of seven years.
  • For purchases totaling $5,000 or more that are not covered under a MHECState or College contract or written bids must be obtained. You should contact Purchasing to initiate the bidding process


When making a purchase please check the MHEC, State or College contracts. Vendor Selection Summary Form and the Bid process are not needed when these contracts are used. You may also contact Purchasing to ask about approved vendors (those covered under a MHECState, or College contract).

Suggestions before making that purchasing decision:

  • Contact more than one vendor. Comparison shopping does help
  • Give each vendor the SAME information. It is good business ethics and gives each vendor the same opportunity.
  • Discuss every area of your need, including the cost of items needed to operate the purchase, such as toner for a printer. Discuss the cost of maintenance for the item and shelf life of items purchased as well as repair costs.
  • Don't be taken in by sales pitches indicating pricing will rise if you don't order now, or "if you don't give me your order right now I can't guarantee the same pricing." Refer the salesperson to the Purchasing office.
  • NEVER verbally commit the College to a sale. Only a signed purchase order can be used
  • When in doubt call the Purchasing Department.

Helpful terms related to purchasing:

  • F.O.B. destination: The College does not take title of the products until it is on the College's loading dock.
  • F.O.B. shipping point: The minute the products are on the truck the title of the product is transferred to the College.
  • On site warranty: Warranty does not begin until the item is in use.
  • Inventory Control and Surplus Asset Disposal: At the present time, all equipment valued at $1,000 and over, and all computer and AV equipment is tagged with a BCC inventory number. The tag is attached once the purchaser has indicated that the item is in working condition. Once an item has outlived its usefulness to the College or is cannibalized it becomes Surplus Equipment. The Purchasing Department should be notified of any surplus equipment.

Vendor Selection Summary Form (.DOC)