Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College



Technology Enhanced Classrooms
More than two dozen classrooms with permanently installed computing and video technology.

Media Services
Audio-visual equipment and computer technology on mobile carts delivered to classrooms.

The CITE Lab assists faculty and professional staff in the creation of multimedia teaching and learning tools. The CITE Lab also helps faculty create and manage eLearning for on-campus, hybrid, student option, and eLearning courses.

Web resources
Links to online materials about learning differences, critical thinking, learning theory, study skills, searching the Internet, and evaluating online resources.

Professional Development and Training

Individual conferences can be arranged in faculty offices, classrooms, and computer labs for any of the above mentioned technologies and other available hardware and software.

Technology Mediated Instruction
A seminar that gives participants a broad view of instructional technology and helps them integrate specific technologies in their curriculum to enhance student learning.

Training staff and faculty in the use of office, classroom, and network computing technologies. These workshops may also be organized for College programs, departments, and divisions.