Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


Academic Software Request Form
Use this form to submit requests for computer software that will enhance your ability to instruct students and meet your College responsibilities. Software that assists in the instructional process is eligible for purchase with these funds. Software that is the content of a course is not eligible for purchase with these funds; such software must be purchased through divisional or departmental operating funds. Deadline for submission of the form to your Divisional Assistant Dean is December 23.

Adjunct Faculty Center Work Request
Adjunct faculty may use his form to request typing and copying services in the Adjunct Faculty Center.

Bookstore Textbook Order Form
Use this form to order course textbooks.

Computer and Telephone Request
Complete this form to obtain a College e-mail username and password, to change your employment status, to report a change in your office location, to request Banner or database access, and to establish or change campus telephone service.

Connections Center Referral
Faculty may use this form to refer students who are experiencing difficulties maintaining a balance between life and school which can affect academic progress.

Copy Center Request
Use this Work Order Request Form to obtain College copying services.

E-mail Group Guidelines
This document contains College guidelines for broadcast of group e-mail messages and Outlook public folders.

FT Faculty Project Requests For Fall 2006
This application is for full-time faculty who want to participate in professional development activities such as Lash CTL projects, the Connections Center, and the Writing Lab, or who would like to participate in an Integrative Learning Experience such as a College Success Seminar, the Commonwealth Honors Program, Cooperative Education, eLearning, International Education, Learning Communities, and Service-Learning.

Lash CTL Project Descriptions
This document provides more information about the four types of projects conducted by faculty through the Lash CTL: Classroom Action Research, Course Design, Peer Partnerships, and Technology-Mediated Instruction.

Mentoring Report
Faculty mentors should use this form to log contacts and activities with their partners.

Mentoring Request
Faculty who want a mentor assigned to them or who want to serve as a mentor should complete this form.

Outlook Web Access Instructions
This manual explains how to use the web-based version of Outlook, which allows you access to your e-mail, calendar and contacts from any computer connected to the Internet.

ODS Academic Needs Assessment
Faculty who want to refer a student to a Learning Specialist in the Office of Disability Services for an academic needs assessment should complete this form.

Remote Access Intranet Instructions
This document explains how you can establish secure remote access to many of the networked resources you find on campus such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, and Banner.

Responsible Use Policy
This explains the College's Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology.

TEC Room Request
Faculty use this form to request that their class(es) be scheduled in one of the College's technology-enhanced classrooms.

Writing Lab Referral
This form should be used to refer students to the Writing Lab for tutorial support.