Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College announces new Paralegal degree program

This semester, Bristol Community College will offer a new Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies program. It combines a liberal arts foundation with a comprehensive career concentration. Students have the opportunity to explore the field of law and gain marketable skills to perform a wide range of supportive legal functions.

The skills developed in the program provide excellent job mobility and flexibility, according to Professor Diana Yohe, coordinator of the program. “Students can work in general legal practice or specialize in corporate, real estate, criminal and civil litigation, or other legal specialties,” she said. “As organizations and businesses look for more cost effective legal services, the paralegal field continues as one of the fastest growing professions in America.”

The new degree program offers substantive law courses taught by licensed attorneys, and some courses are offered online. Students can gain work experience by participating in an internship, which places students in office positions related to their academic program. Graduates in the program can apply program coursework to continue their education in advanced paralegal studies or pursue a law degree.

For more information, contact Professor Yohe, 508.678.2811 ext. 2404, or email