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Job Search

Looking for a good Job?

Bristol Community College students and alumni can access our database of current job openings. It includes part time, full time, and summer jobs. Schedule an orientation session in room G217 that will provide you with an overview of how to use the BCC Job Database tool to search and apply for jobs.

Career Classes for Credit

CSS 13 Career Exploration and Development Seminar
This course encourages the student to learn career decision-making skills through a process of self-awareness and individual and group exercises. The student will explore various career options with the intent of narrowing down specific academic and career goals. Emphasis is placed on gaining knowledge of the information resources used in career planning.

CSS 14 Job Preparation: Developing Your Credentials
A course in resume and cover letter design. Also includes instruction in job search strategies and interviewing techniques. Students are involved in mock interviewing, learning to dress for success, and appropriate world of work communication skills - everything you need to know to land the right job.

Career Assessment Inventories
Unsure about what career to pursue?

The Career Center offers career assessments to help you learn about careers related to your interests and personality. The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Personality Styles Inventory will help give you career direction and focus. Completing the two inventories will take approximately 1 hour. Available free of charge to current BCC students and alumni.

The Strong and Myers-Briggs may be taken in the Career Center. Please call ext. 2959 to schedule a Career Assessment Appointment. Once you have completed the two assessments you will be scheduled for a Career Assessment Interpretation Session with a career counselor who will help you understand your results.

Strong Interest Inventory
The Strong Interest Inventory provides general information about your career interests, and how they compare to those of people in various occupations. Test results include a list of careers that may be of interest, as well as general interest themes to consider when planning your career.

Myers-Briggs Personality Styles Inventory (MBTI)
The MBTI is a personality assessment inventory based on Carl Jung's theory of personality type. It measures your personality preferences and can be used to help you make decisions regarding majors or careers, as well as to help you understand and appreciate individual difference in interpersonal relationships.

SIGI - Computerized Career Guidance Program
SIGI is a computerized career guidance tool, which is simple to use. Examine your interests, values and skills. Print a list of occupations to explore based on your needs.

SIGI information sessions are available every week and last about 15 minutes. Students, staff and alumni can access SIGI through accessBCC. After logging on to accessBCC, click on the SIGI Plus icon located on the right under College Resources.

Stop by Career Services or call ext. 2959 to schedule a SIGI information session.

Career Resource Library
The Career Center Library contains an extensive collection of books, pamphlets, resource guides and videotapes. Printed and computerized resources on career planning and job search topics are available.

Cooperative Education
For more information regarding Co-operative education opportunities please visit  Co-operative Education

Recruitment and Job Fair Activities

Employers from area businesses visit BCC to recruit and conduct interviews for various positions. For information on BCC Job Fairs, on campus employer recruitment activities or local job fairs, contact Career Services.