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Advisors assist students with academic planning (course selection) short term as well as long term plans most often related to a student's career and/or transfer goal. Additionally, advisors assist students in learning about the numerous student services on campus such as academic tutoring, co-op experiences, career planning, transfer advising and job placement.

Academic Advisement is a year round process. These pages are designed to offer information and resources to Academic Advisors at Bristol Community College.

If you are a student and need advisement assistance, please visit Student Advising.

Advisors, here are a few helpful quick starts to get you going:

Advisor Objectives

There will be students who will only want to receive their registration PIN and seem not to care about getting advised. However, each student is important to us, and what we say often makes a big difference to them. They do get wrong information from other students, they do make assumptions, and they often do not read the catalog. More importantly, they do need contact with a professional at the college. Many of the students you will see are sitting with someone for the very first time. It can make quite an impression.
Help students select courses necessary to complete his/her program. The student should have a clear idea of what you recommend for the next semester (in writing).
Be the person that the student identifies with as a contact for assistance at the college. You are the person they should seek out for information, and referrals. This will make a difference in retention.

Provide career information in your area of expertise.
The Co-op and the Career Centers also have good resources and counselors to refer students to.

Refer the student to other areas of the college as needed. |
Use the "Quick Links" for quick and easy access to information often requested by students.

Remember that as long as we care about the student, have some basic information, and resources, we can't go wrong.
Keep the College catalog, student handbook, and of course the college telephone directory nearby. 

Use DegreeWorks to help your advisees plan.

Take care of your students.
Try to reach each one, find out if they are returning to BCC, and if not, why. Make a difference in their staying in college.

There are benefits for you.
Getting to know the students, and listening, will give you a connection with the College community that is extremely valuable. You will have opportunities to hear what students think of the courses they take, discuss how your courses fit in to their programs, and how their other courses make an impact.

Here are just a few additional advising tips:

  • Know the student's name.
  • Be prepared for the advisement session.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Ask probing questions.
  • Be friendly, open, and accepting.
  • Hear as well as listen.
  • Physically  position yourself without barriers between you and the student.
  • Focus on the student (no phone interruptions, etc.).