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Workforce Training

The good news is that the economy is beginning to climb out of its worst downturn in over a half-a-century. The not so good news is the recovery has been very slow, meaning jobs are still scarce and employers are demanding that new and existing workers or job seekers are better qualified and trained than ever before.

Give yourself the best opportunity to win that coveted job, impress an employer, or enter an entirely different career field by enrolling in our Professional Development Training courses. Accelerate your career and maximize your skills with the quality education you need in order to succeed in today's competitive job market.

We offer a great mix of course options and training to best suit your needs including:

Health Care

The Healthcare industry offers the largest and fastest-growing employment opportunity in Southeastern Massachusetts today. The Center for Workforce and Community Education at Bristol Community College (BCC) has a solid track record of providing a wide range of healthcare programs to either help you advance your career or to give you the opportunity to get an entry-level position in healthcare services.


The National Association of Manufacturers reports that 76 million baby-boomers are expected to retire over the next 20 years. That means American manufacturers are certain to face a severe shortage of men and women to run tomorrow's factories and offices.

The Manufacturing courses at BCC are designed to help students understand the basics of the industry and how to use technically correct language to eliminate communication problems which occur in the design-to-manufacturing cycle.

Computer Technology

Computers and technology have become a necessity in our daily lives, and the workplace setting is no different. In fact, employers in growing numbers today are expecting workers to have computer skills to perform some part of their jobs.

Whether you're brushing up on software skills, learning a new program to help run a small business or learning how to use a computer for the first time, the Center for Workforce and Community Education offers a basic computer workshop that's right for you. You'll find the following essential computer skills available from getting a handle on the suite of Microsoft Office products to instruction in basic HTML.


Employers are always in search of skilled trade workers to fill their ranks. BCC offers a variety of trade instruction courses for whatever industry most suits you. Whether you’re interested in a career in Design, Building or Construction, Safety, or simply want to advance your training, jumpstart your career the right way.

Here’s a snippet of the Center for Workforce and Community Education offerings:

  • Introduction to Construction Management
  • The Clerk of Works
  • MA Plans review for building and design professionals
  • OSHA 10 Hour Safety Courses

Business and Management

Are you planning to start a new business but don’t know where to begin? Or are you already in business and are having problems? There’s no need to go it alone. Let the Center for Workforce and Community Education develop the skills necessary to compete in today’s market. We provide a comprehensive list of Business and Management courses taught by experienced professionals who know what it takes – especially planning and execution – for you to achieve success.