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Noncredit Courses

Bristol Community College (BCC) is a place where people of all ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome to pursue their specific interests and goals, be they for basic and advanced learning, specialized training, or simply for fun and companionship. We have carefully designed and populated our Noncredit Courses with this belief in mind and have ensured there is literally something for everyone here at BCC.

Our Noncredit courses do not feature grades or exams for most courses; rather we strive to provide life enrichment courses, and professional development opportunities in a relaxed, professional, entertaining, and enjoyable environment. A diverse array of male and female, young and old, experienced and beginner students enroll in our courses and keep coming back for more! Attendance is a great way to learn new things about yourself and meet people in our community who have similar interests and talents as you. Our courses are taught by highly qualified instructors from across the region who make the classes memorable and interesting, and of course, a great experience.

If you are searching for a particular Noncredit course or want to see a new course offered, or have serious interest in teaching for us, please contact the Center for Workforce and Community Education at (508) 678.2811, ext. 2154.

We want to hear from you. We love feedback and will solicit your ideas, comments, and suggestions about our program.

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