Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Volunteer opportunities

There are a variety of ways that individuals and agencies can support their local ABE programs at BCC. Some individuals share 1 or 2 hours a week to work directly with learners by becoming a volunteer literacy tutor.

ABE Programs have career development services to assist learners in identifying work and career-related goals. Having a clear career goal assists in motivating adult learners to succeed in their educational endeavors. Businesses and organizations can become involved with assisting learners as they gear up for their next steps by providing job shadow and internship opportunities to adults and youth enrolled in our programs.

You may also serve on your local ABE Program’s Adult Literacy Partnership. Adult Literacy Partnerships bring together ABE providers, community organizations, and employers who have a vested interest in the literacy skills of the populations they interact with.

For more information, please contact the Bristol Community College ABE program in your community.