Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Year Three: 2010 - 2011

Year Three began on October 1, 2010. The goals were:

  • Increase number of full and part-time first-year students accessing connected services from 0 to 1,771 through unified onsite and online advising and communication system by 9/30/11.
  • Increase number of Connected College Gateway courses using integrative learning from 16 to 26 through the incorporation of integrative learning methods, academic supports, and critical thinking outcomes 9/30/11.
    • The ten courses being redesigned are BIO 121 Fundamentals of Biological Science I, BUS 111 Business and Financial Mathematics, CHM 090 Introduction to Chemistry, HST 113 United States to 1877, MTH 119 Fundamental Statistics, PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy, SPA 101 Elementary Spanish, ECN 111 Principles of Economics – Macro, CSS 101 College Success Seminar: The Meaning of Work, and ESL English as a Second Language.
Year 3 Summary:

After three years, Bristol Community College (BCC) continues to realize the benefits of the Title III-A Grant. The college is well on its way to implementing the goals of the grant. In years one and two, the annual objectives were met or exceeded. Again, in year three, the objectives have been exceeded.

Both professional staff and faculty advisers as well as students are using DegreeWorks to develop individual learning plans, a unified plan is emerging for advising, and more than 26 courses have been redesigned with resources available to all faculty through a set of Tool Kits.

The Activity One objective was to increase the number of full and part-time first-year students accessing connected services from 0 to 1771 through unified online advising and communication system, as of September 30, 2011, 2895 learning plans were active in DegreeWorks.

And while the Activity Two objective, to increase the number of Connected College Gateway courses using integrative learning from 16-26 through the incorporation of integrative learning methods, academic support, and critical thinking outcomes was met, the college’s Lash Center for Teaching and Learning replicated the course redesign model to transform 13 other college courses.

None of this would have been possible with extensive professional development including summer institutes, as well as enhancing existing Supplemental Instruction, Learning Communities and other support services. By doing so, the fiscal stability of the college has been improved and provided the support which will help increase our self-sufficiency. More than 123 full-time and adjunct faculty members have participated in professional development activities during the 2010-2011 grant year.

This year, the Title III Connected College team has begun presenting at regional and national conferences in Year Three, with plans to expand in the last two years of the grant. This sharing of our experiences and best practices will contribute to the higher education resources of the Nation. Reactions to the presentations have been positive as evidenced by several colleagues who participated in the sessions and have commented on the value of the presentations to their work at their institutions.

As the grant narrative states, “The Connected College will solidly bond students to higher education by providing a unified, learner-centered support system that integrates assessment, orientation, planning, advising, and information services, empowering students to build a customized learning plan. It will also enable students to overcome academic barriers through faculty-led restructuring of Gateway courses to adopt integrative educational methods and learning scaffolds that are associated with improved learning outcomes.” (p.17)

These examples provide evidence that Title III have had a positive impact on Bristol Community College’s capacity to contribute to fulfilling the goals of the legislation. As BCC moves into the implementation and concluding years of the grant, the academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability have been increased and strengthened.