Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Title III Technologies

The Title III Instructional Services Team manages a wide variety of technologies chosen specifically for classroom instructional use. These are available for “check-out” in room A-206. Before checking out any of this equipment, please contact Kevin Forgard ( to discuss your needs and requirements. Equipment checkout times may vary depending on the hardware and your needs.

Please note that Title III-supported technologies should only be used as part of the design or delivery of gateway courses (see list on Title III blog). For those who teach other courses, please contact the CITE Lab ( or the Learning Resources Center to checkout equipment from them.

Technologies available:

  • iPad (1st and 2nd generation)
  • MacBookPro
  • LiveScribe SmartPen
  • FlipCam
  • Lenovo “Netbook” laptop computers
  • Acer Chromebook laptop
  • Portable audio recorder and microphone
  • Nook eReader (1st generation)
  • Apple TV

iPads @BCC

To provide faculty who are interested in exploring the instructional uses of the iPad in their course, Title III has purchased a number of the mobile devices (1st and 2nd generation iPads). The iPads are pre-loaded with a variety of apps purchased through the grant to meet the needs of both specific gateway courses (for instance astronomy apps for AST 111) and for general use (word processing, presentation, cloud storage). There are three sets of iPads available for classroom use.

  • iPad 2 – (6) for faculty use to create course content or as a presentation tool
  • iPad 2 – (30) student class set for in-class use only as part of a lesson (only available for the Fall River campus during daytime class hours
  • iPad 1 – (30) student class set or faculty use – earmakred for long-term student use in a learning community

For those interested in checking out an iPad, please contact Kevin Forgard ( to discuss your classroom needs and plans for instructional activities.