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History - Reference Resources

The reference collection is an excellent place to begin your research if you want to find:

  • a summary of a topic
  • background information on a topic
  • a list of recommended resources
  • factual information

When you find a reference book:

  • Scan the table of contents to see how it is organized.
  • Note its publication date to determine currency of the information.
  • Use the index to locate your topic within the book.

Scroll down for a list of some key resources in the field of History. These titles are located in the reference section.  You can click on this link to perform a search in SAILS using the topic History.

Nations of the world : a political, economic & business handbook
REF D 860 N28 2007

Jamestown Colony : a political, social, and cultural history
Grizzard, Frank E.;"The real history of the establishment of the first permanent British settlement in the New World beats any storybook version for drama, suspense, heroism, conflict, and star power. Now, to mark Jamestown's 400th anniversary, ABC-CLIO presents this new work. Drawing on the historic record, the latest scholarship, and ongoing archaeological work, this book goes beyond the legends surrounding Jamestown to provide a definitive account of this seminal episode in American history." "Features include: 250 alphabetically organized entries covering the full spectrum of Jamestown's founding and daily life; 50 primary documents from the Jamestown era, from the original charter to personal correspondence; a chronology of important events covers the period of presettlement, settlement, expansion, and decline of Colonial Jamestown; a wealth of illustrations of historical personalities and artifacts, as well as a range of maps and photographs depicting Jamestown Island, settlement expansion, Chesapeake Bay, and the surrounding river system; and a complete census of first and second settlers, plus entries on all Indian tribes, Indian words, and a variety of everyday objects and artifacts."--BOOK JACKET.
REF F 234 J3 G75 2007

Encyclopedia of American business history
Geisst, Charles R.; From the "advertising industry" to "Young, Owen D. (one of the founders of the Radio Corporation of America), some 400 cross- referenced entries describe significant business events, institutions, and people from American independence to the present. Excluding biographical entries, further examples include "antitrust," "banknotes," "Export-Import Bank of the United States," "Erie Canal" "Interstate Commerce Commission," "managerial capitalism," and "options markets." Individual persons covered include Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Sam Walton, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Walter Reuther, Ralph Nader, Henry Clay Frick, and Eugene Debs. Each entry provides a brief guide to further readings.
REF HF 3021 G44 2006 V.1-2

The encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War : a political, social, and military history
This impressive 5-volume reference, appropriate for high school and undergraduate students and the public library, contains over 900 entries on the people, battles, issues, and events of the war. Many of the entries are biographical, describing the subject's life and the details of their involvement in the conflict. Two general essays are included at the outset, on the origins of the American Revolution and the military operations during the war. Maps are included at the beginning of vols.1-4 (maps of specific actions are also incorporated into the text), and a glossary, chronology, and bibliography are included in vol.4. All of vol.5 is devoted to primary documents, including acts, resolutions, official reports, first-hand and sometimes contrasting accounts of significant events, letters, treaties, and political proclamations.
REF E 208 E64 2006 V.1-5

Hip hop culture
Price, Emmett George.;Middle and high school students are the intended audience for this reference describing the context, elements and influence of hip hop culture. One chapter addresses issues such as violence, censorship, misrepresentation of women and hip hop's potential for healing racial tension. Other materials include charts demonstrating trends in listener demographics, biographical sketches profiling dozens of artists, a hip hop glossary and a 1965-2005 chronology of important events and landmark recordings. Print and nonprint resources for further reading on various elements including DJing, MCs and graffiti are also provided. Finally, the two appendixes feature 30 albums and 50 singles considered influential in hip hop culture.
REF ML 3531 P75 2006

Immigration in U.S. history
The editors (both of Tulane U.) alphabetically present 193 brief essays exploring issues of immigration in US history from a variety of perspectives including border control and law enforcement, court cases, demographics, discrimination, economic and labor issues, family issues, government and politics, illegal immigration, language and education, laws and treaties, literature, nativism and racism, refugees, religion, sociological theories, and stereotypes. A guide to further reading follows each essay. Appendices present a fuller bibliography and a timeline of US immigration history.
REF JV 6450 I565 2006 V.1-2

Forensic science : an encyclopedia of history, methods, and techniques
Tilstone, William J.; Written for a general audience, this reference provides a comprehensive overview of forensic science. Concise, alphabetically arranged entries cover various technologies, legal standards, important cases, and key individuals. A sampling of topics includes the Romanov family, handwriting comparison, glass fracture matching, and the Daubert Supreme Court ruling.
REF HV 8073 T55 2006