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SAILS, Learning Resources Center's online catalog contains all the books and other materials that the Library purchases. Use it to search for a specific author or title or to compile a bibliography on a specific topic. The Learning Resources Center uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. To find books on a particular subject, use the Keyword search option. Then look at the subjects under which it has been cataloged to find additional items on the subject.

Massachusetts Virtual Catalog

The Virtual Catalog is the easiest way to get a book if you can't find it in the SAILS online catalog. The Virtual Catalog is the combined catalog of Bridgewater State College, CLAMS Library Network, Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc.(C/W Mars), Fenway Libraries Online (FLO), Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, MetroBoston Library Network, Minuteman Library Network, North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), Old Colony Library Network (OCLN), SAILS Library Network (SAILS), University of Massachusetts, Boston, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and Westfield State College

After doing a search in SAILS, you can click the "Search the Virtual Catalog".   You can also click on the link for the Virtual Catalog to log into the virtual catalog directly.

The Virtual Catalog allows library users in good standing to:

  • Simultaneously search several library catalogs.
  • Request items that are unavailable at any SAILS Library.
  • Have a total of 5 active requests at any time.

Credo Reference

Listed below are some of the titles available in Credo Reference under the heading of "Economics".

The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia
A comprehensive collection of entries, essays, and primary source documents emphasizing the importance of economic policy in all aspects of life in the United States.

Collins Dictionary of Economics
This fourth edition of the popular and bestselling Collins Dictionary of Economics has been thoroughly revised for the new millennium, and is a valuable reference book not just for students of economics, but for anyone studying economics as part of a business or social science course.

Dictionary of Economics, Wiley
Balanced budget multiplier, Laffer curve, Clintonomics...terms like these keep cropping up in the media with ever greater frequency. And, as often as not, when you look them up, you get explanations that only a professional economist could decipher.  Now, the Dictionary of Economics makes the vocabulary of economics accessible to everyone. Written by lexicographers and financial experts Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel, it supplies you with everything you need to acquire a solid working knowledge of these and many more economics-related terms, including:

• Clear, detailed, jargon-free definitions, written in plain English
• All important new terms and slang as well as traditional economics terminology
• Loads of examples and applications drawn from the worlds of business, finance, and politics
• Clear, easy-to-read diagrams, charts, graphs, and illustrations that make it easy to understand even the most complex economics concepts
• A practical real-world focus geared to the needs of businesspeople and concerned consumers - not economists

The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics
The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics is the first comprehensive reference work introducing readers to the field of feminist economics, from Affirmative Action to Women's Budgets.

This authoritative volume includes timely entries addressing key concepts in feminist economics as well as feminist economic critiques and reconstructions of major economic theories and policy debates. The material is presented in an accessible manner and will be of interest to scholars and teachers from across the social sciences.

An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics
The Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics is an authoritative and invaluable reference source on macroeconomics, which embraces definitions of terms and concepts, conflicting ideological approaches and the contributions of major thinkers. Comprehensive in scope, it contains hundreds of short entries and more than 100 specially commissioned main entries from an internationally renowned group of scholars.