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Dental Hygiene Reference Resources

The reference collection is an excellent place to begin your research if you want to find:

  • a summary of a topic
  • background information on a topic
  • a list of recommended resources
  • factual information

When you find a reference book:

  • Scan the table of contents to see how it is organized.
  • Note its publication date to determine currency of the information.
  • Use the index to locate your topic within the book.

Scroll down for a list of some key resources in the field of Dental Hygiene. These titles are located in the reference section.  You can click on this link to perform a search in SAILS using the topic Dental Hygiene
Black's medical dictionary [electronic resource]
The fact that this encyclopaedic dictionary is now into its 41st edition, having sold over 1.2 million copies, speaks volumes for its authority, completeness and reliability. BLACK'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY is simply the best medical dictionary you can buy, giving you definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts in one volume.  
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Calculation of drug dosages
Gain the practical skills you need to competently and confidently calculate drug dosages, even if you dislike math. All it takes is practice - and Calculation of Drug Dosages, 8th Edition gives you the most practice of any drug calculation book available! First, it provides an extensive review of essential math concepts before introducing and clearly explaining the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods of drug calculation. The book's popular "worktext" format builds on concepts as you go and reinforces what you learn with over 2,000 practice problems in the book and on the accompanying CD-ROM.
REF RS 57 O33 2007

Clinical practice of the dental hygienist 10th ed.
The 10th edition of this textbook has been carefully revised and updated and features a new chapter, on teeth whitening. The format remains the same, including the box in each chapter discussing ethical issues that present themselves in practice. Each chapter contains numerous boxes with key words, factors to teach the patient, key issues, and lists of information, as well as numerous tables. The information is presented in outline form, with much of the text presented as bulleted lists. A table of contents is included at the beginning of each chapter and a bibliography at the end. The volume is thorough in its coverage of all aspects of the practice, including the office, billing, infection control, assessment, prevention, and evaluation and maintenance. The section on patients with special needs contains 22 chapters, including those on patients who are homebound, impaired, diabetic, pregnant, and living with cancer. The CD-ROM contains video clips, quizzes, and audio pronunciations.
RK 60.5 W5 2009

Collins dictionary of medicine [electronic resource]

  • Covers all subjects required by current clinical and scientific medical practice
  • Includes terms relevant to nursing, radiography, orthoptics, laboratory and operating theatre technology, forensic and social medicine, and public health administration
  • Up-to-date internet links help you explore the subject further
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    Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations [electronic resource]
    This dictionary lists acronyms and abbreviations occurring with a reasonable frequency in the literature of medicine and the health care professions. Abbreviations and acronyms are given in capital letters, with no punctuation, and with concise definitions. The beginning sections also include symbols, genetic symbols, and the Greek alphabet and symbols.
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    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary [electronic resource]  
    First published in 1900, Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary is universally acknowledged as the world's finest medical dictionary. Through all of the remarkable developments that have transformed medicine in this century, Dorland's is the reference which generations of health care professionals have trusted to define the terminology that is germane to their careers.   
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    Ethics, jurisprudence, & practice management in dental hygiene   2nd ed.
    As the scope of dental hygiene practice continues to expand, the second edition of Ethics, Jurisprudence, #38; Practice Management in Dental Hygiene continues to identify the connections between the ethical and practical aspects of the profession. This resource illustrates the proficiency required of employees or independent practitioners as they prepare to deal with the moral, legal, technological, and administrative challenges that lie ahead. The text explores both interpersonal and leadership skills and qualities, pertinent to prospective employers, to acquaint readers with the many aspects of the business that unite the oral healthcare practice with its clients.
    RK 60.5 K563 2007

    Mosby's Dental Dictionary [electronic resource]
    This contemporary, comprehensive glossary includes terms related to all areas of dentistry; basic, clinical, and behavioral sciences; office management, and commonly used medical terms.
    • A full-color format and more than 300 illustrations.
    • Extensive appendices for quick, easy-to-use access to vital information.
    • Synonyms, where applicable.
    • Coloured thumb tabs, so you find definitions more quickly.
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    Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions
    This bestselling, full-color dictionary of health care terminology, from A68 to zymorphic, is well known for its combination of relevant, thorough definitions and vibrant color illustrations and line drawings that illuminate all subject areas. More than just a dictionary, you'll also find a comprehensive anatomy atlas, and numerous useful appendices.

    "This full-color dictionary of medical, nursing, and health care terminology is renowned for both its clear, complete definitions and its incomparable color illustrations. Trusted by more health professionals and students for years, now the 7th edition is even better than ever: 5000 new definitions; new CD-ROM with valuable tools - complete, fully functional medical spellchecker, medical terminology activities, audio pronunciations, English-Spanish phrase translations, and more; all nursing diagnosis entries reflect the 2005-2006 NANDA terminology and the newest information from NIC and NOC; new and updated appendixes cover JCAHO changes in documentation, functional health patterns, new nutritional standards, and much more; and expanded definitions of over 70 key conditions now contain full, detailed nursing process information."--BOOK JACKET.
    REF R 121 M89 2006
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    Patient assessment tutorials : a step-by-step guide for the dental hygienist

    The ability to perform and document patient assessment procedures is vital to the practice of dental hygiene--a complete and accurate assessment is the starting point to providing thorough patient care. Make sure you are prepared for patient assessment with this unique guide that takes you step-by-step through each assessment procedure including techniques for effectively communicating the assessment process and findings to patients. Excellent features include detailed, full-color illustrations and photographs to visually guide you through procedures and techniques, case studies and personal accounts that bring the content to life, and more.
    RK 60.5 N54 2007
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    Stedman's medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing     Illustrated 5th ed.     
    "The Fifth Edition of this medical dictionary is thoroughly updated with more than 51,000 entries featuring more of the medical terminology used in over 30 of today's fastest growing health profession areas. You'll also find more comprehensive entries suited for the Nursing field with correct terminology for all Nursing students and practitioners."--BOOK JACKET.
    REF R 121 S8 2005

    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 
    • 700 illustrations; more than 500 in full-color
    • Cyclopedic format means you get much more than just definitions. You get a comprehensive resource with:

    • Superior illustrations
    • Pronunciations
    • Abbreviations
    • Etymologies (word origins)
    • 100 most frequently prescribed drugs (NEW)
    • Patient Care sections with clinically pertinent information
    • Caution statements that help you practice safe health care
    • Tables that put important information at your fingertips
    • Disease entries that include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
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    Webster's new world medical dictionary [electronic resource] 
    Webster's New World™ Medical Dictionary is an invaluable resource that will help you make sense of confusing medical jargon, prepare for a doctor visit, or research treatment options. This fully up-to-date reference draws on the expertise of more than 70 medical professionals, and with over 500 medical terms new to this edition and expanded coverage of new developments in technology and pharmaceuticals, it's more comprehensive than ever.

    Packed with information about diseases, treatments, and medicines
    Includes appendices on vitamins and frequently used anatomical terms
    Draws information from dozens of medical specialists ranging from pediatrics to pathology.  
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