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Criminal Justice - Reference Resources

The reference collection is an excellent place to begin your research if you want to find:

  • a summary of a topic
  • background information on a topic
  • a list of recommended resources
  • factual information

When you find a reference book:

  • Scan the table of contents to see how it is organized.
  • Note its publication date to determine currency of the information.
  • Use the index to locate your topic within the book.

Scroll down for a list of some key resources in the field of Criminal Justice. These titles are located in the reference section.  You can click on this link to perform a search in SAILS using the topic Criminal Justice.

Criminal justice pioneers in U.S. history
Jones (East Carolina University) collects 44 brief (three to eight pages) biographies of famous and infamous figures in criminal justice history. Covering everyone from Dorothea Dix, a 19th-century social reformer who advocated for humane treatment of the mentally ill, to Buford Pusser, the Tennessee sheriff who had his 15 minutes of fame extended to a full-length movie in the 1970s, the profiles are arranged in sections on academics and theorists, law enforcement, court and legal pioneers, corrections, and juvenile justice. Each profile includes a b & w photo and discussion questions.
REF HV 9950 J6594 2005

Criminal justice and criminology : a career guide to local, state, federal and academic positions
Intended for students interested in a career in criminal justice or criminology, this reference book begins with an overview of the criminal justice system and major research institutions. It offers advice on finding work, selecting schools, and interviewing. Specific information is provided concerning academic programs, teaching positions, and research positions. The volume also includes interviews with criminal justice professionals describing their work.
REF HV 9950 A54 2003

Profiling and criminal justice in America : a reference handbook
Bumgarner (political science and law enforcement, Minnesota State U. at Mankato) provides an overview of the debates surrounding the use of racial profiling in the United States and, to a lesser extent, around the world. He also includes additional materials for those beginning research into the issue, including a chronology, biographical sketches of individuals relevant to the debate, selected case studies and state statutes, lists of relevant organizations and agencies, and a guide to further print and nonprint resources.
REF HV 9950 B86 2004

Encyclopedia of crime and justice
A complete revision of the 1982 edition, the "Encyclopedia of Crime #38; Justice" is a unique interdisciplinary source, dealing with not only law but also sociology, psychology, history and economics. With entries ranging widely from abortion to rape and from family violence to wiretapping, the "Encyclopedia" offers a true mirror of issues dominating today's headlines.
REF HV 6017 E52 2002 V.1-4

Encyclopedia of crime and justice [electronic resource]  2nd ed.
An interdisciplinary source that addresses not only law but also sociology, psychology, history and economics. Entries vary widely from abortion to rape and from family violence to wiretapping, offering a mirror of issues dominating toda.'s headlines. This edition is a complete update and revision of the previous edition that includes new essays on topics such as stalking, hate crimes, and HIV.
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World of criminal justice [electronic resource]
The individual entries in this two-volume ready-reference source explain in concise, detailed, and jargon-free language some of the most important topics, theories, discoveries, concepts, and organizations in criminal justice. Brief biographical profiles of the people who have made a significant and lasting impact on the field of criminal justice and society in general are also included. More than 320 photographs, statistical charts, and graphs aid the reader in understanding the topics and people covered in the reference work.

World of Criminal Justice has been designed and written with students and non-experts in mind. In so doing, we have compiled a vast array of straightforward, alphabetically arranged entries that will be useful to students who need accessible and concise information for school-related work, as well as to others who want reliable and informative introductions to the numerous aspects of the discipline of criminal justice.

It becomes increasingly important for all people to have a practical, theoretical, and historical understanding of criminal justice because it reflects real world issues, including age discrimination, criminal procedure, female offenders, traffic offenses, and war crimes. We hope that the entries contained in the World of Criminal Justice will help you understand some of these and other important issues and how they affect you and the world in which you live.
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