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SAILS, Learning Resources Center's online catalog contains all the books and other materials that the Library purchases. Use it to search for a specific author or title or to compile a bibliography on a specific topic. The Learning Resources Center uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. To find books on a particular subject, use the Keyword search option. Then look at the subjects under which it has been cataloged to find additional items on the subject.

Massachusetts Virtual Catalog

The Virtual Catalog is the easiest way to get a book if you can't find it in the SAILS online catalog. The Virtual Catalog is the combined catalog of Bridgewater State College, CLAMS Library Network, Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc.(C/W Mars), Fenway Libraries Online (FLO), Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, MetroBoston Library Network, Minuteman Library Network, North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), Old Colony Library Network (OCLN), SAILS Library Network (SAILS), University of Massachusetts, Boston, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and Westfield State College

After doing a search in SAILS, you can click the "Search the Virtual Catalog".   You can also click on the link for the Virtual Catalog to log into the virtual catalog directly.

The Virtual Catalog allows library users in good standing to:

  • Simultaneously search several library catalogs.
  • Request items that are unavailable at any SAILS Library.
  • Have a total of 5 active requests at any time.

Credo Reference

Listed below are some of the titles available in Credo Reference under the heading of "Law".

Collins Dictionary of Law
The constant companion for all law students, and the essential reference guide for laymen, particularly business people, and all who desire a reliable guide to the law's special terminology (from abandonee to zero tolerance), including that of European union law. The Collins Dictionary of Law has been written with special reference to the needs of legal secretaries, paralegals, legal executives, and business people.

Dictionary of Law
This best-selling dictionary provides clear, concise and fully up-to-date information on all aspects of civil, criminal and commercial law. Examples and encyclopedic comments help to explain complex terms from British, European and US legal procedure.

A recommended text for a number of law courses, this book is ideal for students and all professionals who need to understand legal terminology, from abandon to zoning, especially non-native speakers of English.

Great American Court Cases, 4 volumes
Students in American government, civics, multicultural studies, law, U.S. history and journalism classes, as well as general researchers seeking information on major U.S. court decisions that have had a significant impact on American society should consult Great American Court Cases. This resource from Gale, while focusing primarily on Supreme Court cases, also includes major federal or state cases that set precedents. The 4-volume set contains numerous cases, organized by broad legal principles, then arranged alphabetically under the more specific legal issue.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law
• Comprehensive coverage: A significant number of entries explain the vocabulary used in legal situations.
• Essential information: Entries include definitions pronunciations, and frequent supplementary notes.
• Helpful addenda: Special sections cover the judicial system, important legal cases and laws, government agencies, and the Constitution of the United States.
• Unmatched quality: Assured authority from the reference experts at Merriam-Webster.

World of Criminal Justice
The individual entries in this two-volume ready-reference source explain in concise, detailed, and jargon-free language some of the most important topics, theories, discoveries, concepts, and organizations in criminal justice. Brief biographical profiles of the people who have made a significant and lasting impact on the field of criminal justice and society in general are also included. More than 320 photographs, statistical charts, and graphs aid the reader in understanding the topics and people covered in the reference work.

World of Criminal Justice has been designed and written with students and non-experts in mind. In so doing, we have compiled a vast array of straightforward, alphabetically arranged entries that will be useful to students who need accessible and concise information for school-related work, as well as to others who want reliable and informative introductions to the numerous aspects of the discipline of criminal justice.

It becomes increasingly important for all people to have a practical, theoretical, and historical understanding of criminal justice because it reflects real world issues, including age discrimination, criminal procedure, female offenders, traffic offenses, and war crimes. We hope that the entries contained in the World of Criminal Justice will help you understand some of these and other important issues and how they affect you and the world in which you live.