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Ask Dr Math

is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions.


The website presents math as knots, logic, infinity, and imaginary shapes, not just numbers, and for teachers the materials have been made with the assumption that there is little or no experience with the mathematical topics they cover. The project is designed to be approached as a discovery for both student and teacher and offers extensive online help. In addition, teachers can receive the accompanying workbook for free!

This comprehensive directory of links to statistical data sources covers topics from agriculture to education to health to transportation. The site offers some fairly expensive courses on statistical methods, but the use of the site's other resources is free and worth the visit. Users will find free software, discussion groups, booklists for online and print materials, a host of links to interactive statistical calculation pages, and a homework discussion for getting help with statistics problems.

The World of Math Online

is a great resource for students and teachers alike. Students will find help with homework and study tips, practice lessons that include in-depth explanations and quizzes, interactive games and a host of calculators and tools. Teachers can use this site to supplement the math curriculum and to provide extra practice for their students. Included for teachers are classroom resources, an algebra work sheet generator, and interactive applets that generate printable graphs. Additionally, the site provides a glossary of math terms and experts can answer your math questions. Includes a Shortcut to World of Math's Online Math Reference Tables.


This site is a useful and user-friendly tool for performing statistical computation.  It is based at Vassar, and includes various utilities and statistical procedures, including an online and sometimes interactive statistical textbook.