Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

General Science


is an online database of information related to amphibian biology and conservation.

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

free online statistics textbook.

Discovery  School Channel Online

This is a great resource for parents, teachers, and students to use Discovery Channel programming to make learning more fun.

Jason Project

The JASON Project was founded by Dr. Robert D. Ballard after he had discovered the RMS Titanic because of the response he had received from children about his discovery.  Areas of the website include: an Expedition Journal, a Student section that allows JASON students to contact one another, a Teachers' Guide with curriculum tips and online projects as well as a section on organizations and schools involved with JASON.

PlanetPals Earthzone

cartoons teach ecology, natural resources & planet earth care

Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood

The Red Gold site is produced by Thirteen Online of Thirteen/WNET New York. It looks "at the facts and myths about blood and its impact on everything from religion and medicine to commerce and popular culture throughout history."

Science & Math at FirstGov

The U.S. government's gateway to the Web for kids. Learn about rockets, weather, the human body, outer space, science fair projects ideas and much more through these great links.