Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


Academy Awards

The official site for the Oscars.

All Movie Guide

Database of information on thousands of movies.

Film Literature Index

This database indexes both scholarly and popular periodicals, providing citations to film, television and video articles, reviews and book reviews. You can search the citations or browse by subject headings, person names, production titles, or corporate names. Note that the full text of articles is not provided.

Masters of Cinema

is an organic, international initiative founded in 2001.  Graphically attractive, informative, and user-friendly, this web site focuses on but is not limited to the work of major world directors.  The appeal of this site is its commitment to world cinema - there is a good balance of international films and US movies, with overall emphasis on the achievements of the filmmakers and the films themselves.

Movie Review Query

Provides links to reviews in newspapers, magazines, and Web sites; includes thousands of movies.