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5. Interpreting Results

Look again at your list of results.

Some of these articles will have full text available, while others will only provide an abstract (or summary) of the article's content. Still others may only list citation information, that is, only where to find the article. Look at the information below the article link — if it's not full text you will have the option to request the material throught Interlibrary Loan.

Let's look at the first article shown above though. No full text available? Click on the InterLibrary Loan link to request the item from another location.  A online form will appear and you just need to provide your contact information.  Once the item becomes available, we will call you to let you know it is at the library for you to pick up.  Just remember it takes time to receive items from a InterLibrary Loan request, and you want to plan your research accordingly.  If you need it today for an assignment due tomorrow, InterLibrary Loan would probably not be an option for you.          

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