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CIS91 - Selected Topics in Computer Information Systems

CIS 91: Professor Michael Vieira,
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This Course Guide is designed to assist you with assignments and research for Michael Vieira's Selected Topics in Computer Information Systems, CIS 91.  If you need assistance using any of the sources or need help finding additional information please contact a reference librarian either by stopping by the LRC, calling 508.678.2811 ext. 2108, or using our Online Reference form.

CIS91 is as eLearning course that enables students to take a variety of courses that are offered in the field of computer information systems.  Taken via the web, these courses are published prior to each semester when CIS91 is being offered.  Many of those courses that students can select from are in the area of multimedia.  According to The Encyclopedia of New Media, multimedia refers to:

               "…the integration of multiple media forms, including text, music, spoken words, video, illustrated graphics, and still photographs, to communicate unified messages that, ideally at least, are also interactive."

This course guide is designed to provide you with some basic sources available at the LRC and through the web that deal with multimedia.  For further assistance please ask a reference librarian.  They will be happy to help you.

   Subject Headings

The LRC has numerous books on multimedia in such areas as web development and design, software, graphic design, business communications, and more.  Listed below are some subject headings that can be used in the online catalog at the LRC to find print and nonprint materials in the many areas that encompass multimedia.  The CIS Multimedia and Internet option focuses primarily on software and hardware, programming interactive pages and presentation, and developing rich media. Links to commercial art, graphic design, etc. are included as resources, but students interested in those areas should consider taking art or graphic design classes to supplement the technical instruction. 

Business presentations

Commercial art

Computer graphics

Desktop publishing

Electronic publishing

Graphic arts

Graphic design

Interactive multimedia


Visual communication

Web sites—Design

For materials on specific software programs only, such as Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, or Photoshop, Quark XPress, Flash, FlashMX, Dreamweaver, etc., please search under the specific name of the software, i.e. Adobe PageMaker.

   Selected Reference Books   

Title                                                   Call Number

Encyclopedia of Computer Science        Ref. QA 76.15 E48 2000

Considered the standard one-volume reference in the field of computer science, this encyclopedia is useful for the computer professional as well as students.  Entries are comprehensive and concise and covers every major aspect in the field.

Encyclopedia of Computers                Ref. QA 76.15 E53 2001   
and Computer History   (2 vols.)

Provides a complete A-to-Z reference guide to computers, their development, and their usage in today's world.  This two-volume set provides over 900 pages of facts, definitions, biographies, histories, and explanations of a wide variety of computer-related subjects. 

Encyclopedia of new media:  an     Ref. QA 76.575 E5368 2003
essential reference to communication and technology

Presents more than 250 entries that explain the key terms, concepts, trends, and buzzwords that are used today.  It explores the evolution and revolution in digital communications and human-computer interaction from an interdisciplinary, historical, social, and global perspective.

Handbook of internet and                 Ref. QA 76.575 H353 1999
multimedia:  systems and applications 

Provides a comprehensive reference on advanced topics in this field.  Explores such areas as internet radio and television broadcasting, video-on-demand, world wide web applications, mobile multimedia systems, and digital libraries.

Handbook of multimedia computing    Ref. QA 76.575 H355 1999

Provides a comprehensive resource on advanced topics in this field.  Divided into four parts:  basic concepts and standards; multimedia retrieval and processing techniques; multimedia systems and techniques; and multimedia communications and networking.

Multimedia and the web from A to Z    Ref. QA 76.575 D548 1998

A comprehensive dictionary aimed at defining the language of multimedia. This second edition contains 1,500 entries all clearly and concisely defined.  Includes extensive cross-referencing, an annotated bibliography, and an acronym table.

   Periodical Databases

The LRC has a number of periodical databases that will provide you with a wealth of information on multimedia.  This information can be in the form of journal or magazine articles, newspaper articles, transcripts from radio or TV news shows, pamphlets, or excerpts from reference books. The database(s) you select will be dependant upon your specific area of research within the field of multimedia.  For example, we have the following comprehensive databases which cover a multitude of subject areas, including multimedia:    

           - Academic Search Premier                      

- Electric Library 

           - Expanded Academic ASAP

           - General Reference Center Gold

           - MAS Ultra - School Edition

           - MasterFile Premier  

If your research involves aspects of business or company applications to multimedia, you might want to try some of our business databases:           

          - Business Source Premier                             

          - General BusinessFile ASAP

          - Lexis-Nexis: Business

Regional Business News

n the above databases you will find many full text articles and abstracts using general subject terms such as “computer graphics” to more specific term(s) such as “actionscript and flash”.  All of the above databases will give you information on the latest developments in multimedia software, hardware, and design.

Databases are accessible from off campus to patrons who have a valid accessBCC card unless otherwise specified.

   Web Sites

Acid Fonts
This is the first port of call for web graphics, fonts and Photoshop / Paintshop tutorials. This site provides "free graphics, fonts, and Photoshop tutorials for your web page design."'s Web Graphics and Multimedia Page
This site, which is presented by C|Net, provides links to useful information about graphics and multimedia.
Choose from hundreds of display and text fonts, background textures and borders, buttons and icons, and animated GIFs, all provided free of charge. There are also links to tutorials, magazines, and search engines. 

Web Builder's Toolkit
A large collection of links to web page design and building. Categories include HTML, Graphic Design and Layout, Copyright, Fonts, Web Art, and more. 

Web Developer's Virtual Library
This site provides both feature articles on web technology as well as an extensive illustrated encyclopedia, tutorials, links, etc. Novices as well as professional web developers will find an assortment of helpful resources. This site is searchable. 

Web Page Design for Designers
"The purpose of this site is not to teach people how to produce web pages. There is little mention of HTML or any other technical stuff other than in passing. It is assumed that the reader already has a grasp of HTML programming, or has made the decision to use one of the new WYSIWYG web page editors. It is aimed at people who are already involved with design and typography for conventional print and want to explore the possibilities of this new electronic medium."