Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Computer Resources

The Library has 56 public-access computers.  All computers feature standard productivity software, including Microsoft Office 2007 Suite. 

Computing Policy
Priority is given to course-related use of computers at all times. Also, BCC students have priority over community users in using the computing resources.  Library computers may also be used for personal enrichment and informational needs.  Examples of computer usage in this category include news, sports scores, weather, music, e-mail and other informational sites. Computer usage in this category is allowed but course related computer use takes precedence. 

Games, Chatting and Social networking are prohibited at all times. Examples of computer usage in this category include online games, pc games, online chatting, Myspace, Facebook etc. The display or viewing of sexually suggestive content is also prohibited in compliance with the College Sexual Harassment Policy.  Computer usage in this category is prohibited and a staff person may ask the user to discontinue the use of the computer.

All user documents must be stored on a user’s floppy disk or flash storage device. Documents saved on the computers are deleted when they are restarted.

Use of computers by individuals under the age of 17 requires approval of the Reference Librarian or other Library staff on duty.

This fall (2009) the college is implementing the print management system greenPRINT in all College computer labs, including the library. Students have a greenPRINT account that will supply them with free prints corresponding to the number of courses for which they are enrolled.  Students will use their accessBCC user name and password to access computers in all locations throughout the College.  Students will be encouraged to come prepared and ready to use their accessBCC information to log in to computers.  Please find detailed information here.

If you need assistance setting up or accessing your accessBCC account information, please contact  the ITS Help Desk in K130 (508-678-2811 ext. 3333). 

The Library does offer color printing for a fee of $0.50 per page, see Library staff for details.

As we strengthen our position as a regional role model in sustainability, greenPrint helps discourage waste while encouraging academic uses of our resources.  greenPrint was designed to raise awareness of spiraling printing costs and reduce wasted paper.  Since the pilot was started in March in just two locations, a total of more than 350 pounds of paper has been saved.  Thanks for your part in making this program a success.