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What is e-Nursing at BCC eHealthCareers?

  • BCC eHealthCareers Nursing is a modern, hybrid modality of the already renowned program.
  • Classes will start during the Fall 2012 semester.
  • Get the renowned BCC Nursing degree, only in a different learning environment.
  • Combine online learning with in-person training to obtain your Nursing degree on a schedule that works for you.

How can you apply for e-Nursing?

  • Applications are currently being accepted for the eHealth Nursing program.
  • Once you have indicated that you are interested in applying for the BCC Nursing program, you will receive a location preference sheet in the mail. On this sheet, you will be able to indicate your preference (Fall River or eHealthCareers), which then needs to be mailed back to Admissions.
  • Apply online

What is the BCC eHealthCareers program?

  • eHealthCareers at Bristol Community College is the future of health education!
  • Through hybrid learning, our students take part in flexible, innovative programs that combine online and classroom learning to prepare you for an exciting career in healthcare.
  • With more learning done online than in a traditional classroom, our students have the opportunity to get educated and be set on a path to a new career without sacrificing time for family or work.
  • It’s the same renowned BCC healthcare programs, only offered in a different format.

For more information, visit the Academic Catalog.

Want to receive more information about eHealth? Send us an email and let us know what you're interested in.