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Know Your Catalog

Course descriptions are in the back of the catalog alphabetically by course. Prerequisites (courses that you need to complete before you may take the next course) and co-requisites (courses that can be taken in the same semester as another course) are also listed in the course description.

Course descriptions are also available at Course Descriptions.


  • Know your instructor’s expectations as outlined in the course syllabus which you will receive during the first class session.
  • Schedule study time – 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour you are in class.
  • Your GPA is IMPORTANT. Dual Enrollment students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Ask questions! If you are struggling with a course, get help! There are plenty of tutoring and support services available for Dual Enrollment students.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Class

Dropping a Class: Students may make changes to their schedule at any time after registration until the end of the add/drop period during the first week of classes. After this period, the only option to drop a class is to withdraw.

Withdrawing from a Class: You must complete a withdrawal form that can be found in the Enrollment Center (G Building) or the Advisement/Counseling Center (G-208). You will receive a “W” on your permanent transcript if you withdraw after the Add/Drop period. You may not withdraw after the withdrawal deadline.


accessBCC is your online resource to access your BCC email, grades, see your schedule and your academic records.

OneCard Photo ID
The accessBCC ONE CARD serves as your official Bristol Community College identification card. On top of this, the card can also be used to make purchases, access college facilities, activities, and more. The card also serves as your library card making it more convenient and flexible to check out books. If you are a BCC Student, Faculty, Staff, or Alumni you may already be eligible to obtain an accessBCC ONE CARD.

Dual Enrollment students are responsible for the cost of books, supplies etc.

Career/Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) Program
For Information about the Career/Vocational Technical Education program, visit the BCC CVTE site.

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