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What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education at Bristol Community College is a nationally recognized academic internship program, which connects students with employers. 

Since 1986, the Cooperative Education Program at BCC has partnered with national, regional, and local employers to provide them with motivated and highly skilled employees. Nationwide, more that 50,000 employers participate in cooperative education, including multinational corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Because Cooperative Education is an optional program for BCC students, it attracts students who take their education and future career goals seriously. It draws students willing to take risks, apply themselves, think critically, and accept constructive feedback related to their overall performance, job specific skills, attitude, and personal & professional goals – in short, great employees who can help support your goals.

Advantages for Employers

  • Test and evaluate a Co-op student as a possible permanent employee
  • Choose from a pool of pre-screened students who meet your qualifications
  • Gain a flexible and affordable source of motivated and competent entry-level employees
  • Receive professional service from Co-op staff who are experienced in recruitment strategies, labor and employment trends, career development and developing work-based learning opportunities
  • Increase the cost-effectiveness of recruitment, training, and retention
  • Play an active role in developing local workforce

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